What is the cost of IT Support?

Selecting the an optimal and cost-efficient solution for the Company IT Requirements Is not always a simple task, wherever you’re in Sydney or beyond. This is our summary of various ways to buy IT support. This summary will include average IT costs. No matter what part of the world your from, but keep in mind this assessment is centered around Sydney.

How much does IT support cost? 

In Sydney, the cost vary due to a range of variables such as business requirements, required technical experiance and location. IT support costs are generally greatest in central Sydney where the requirement for high skill level is more neccessary. Generally, the average cost will reduce gradually as you get farther out into the sticks. 

Price Expectations 

We’ll break down the differant methods for purchasing IT services. We’ll look at a small and medium company, the way the model functions and also a look at the several prices models for IT services.¬†

Sadly there is no automatic IT service costs calculator!

IT Ad-Hoc support — $90p/h

This is the most simple model of support. This support can be delivered by onsite visit. A service tech will visit your site or if conveniant, provide remote assistance.


IT Ad-Hoc service prices usually start at $75 per hour. On average it cost $110 per hour. When calling out a service technician for onsite work, there is also a call service fee to cover the costs of travel.


The primary benefit of this model of IT support is that there aren’t any on-going costs, and you only pay for their time carrying out the service.


There are many disadvantages to this IT support model. This model provides a single service but does not incorperate monitoring. There is no observation to strategic implementations to prevent or monitor potential disasterous obstructions to the fuctioning of your business. When a proper system is not implimented, the down time of the business is sure to be unnecessarily long.

Undoubtedly this is our least optimal model. While we provide an Ad-Hoc service, we recommend you invest in our reliable management support services. This is more financially optimal for keeping your business running.

Much like Ad-Hoc business IT uphold, prepaid IT uphold is a This was presumably the most widely recognized way IT uphold administrations were advertised, and the rendition we see an incredible arrangement of our kindred IT specialist organizations use.

Managed IT Support


This is usually made on a monthly basis. The price is dependant on the size of your business. It is best to contact a reliable manage service provider to discuss a fair price to manage and maintain your IT.

  • 24/ Monitoring
  • Service Desk
  • On-site Administration
24/7 Monitoring

Our monitoring technology will make sure your system is running smooth. Our tech will notify us of all the potential issues your system may have. Should something fail, we’ll get a notification to act immediately.

Service Desk

Our logging system allows us to keep track of all the issues you have. Everything is logged, recorded and documented. Keeping logs of your system is important when troubleshooting or managing your system. We can identify reoccuring problems and fix repeatable problems should it be prudent to do so.


We’ll visit your site proactively on occasion for adminitration work. This may include maintenance, auditing and updating any systems that may require us to do so.

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