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What Should You Look For In An IT Company?

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There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the correct IT Support Company to support your business. 

We’ll go over why it’s so important for a business to have great IT support in this post. But for now let’s highlight some things you should look for when considering the appropriate IT company for your business. 

What’s their customer retention rate? 

A good way to gauge whether an IT company or any company is good for that matter. Ask what their customer retention rate is. 

This will enable you to understand how much they value long term relationships & how happy their customers are. 

Look For Social Proof!

When identifying a company, you should look for social proof. This means look for reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. 

Not all reviews are bad

Not all reviews are bad, sometimes businesses cannot please every customer and standards change from customer to customer. The important thing is look for more good reviews than bad. 

Ask for credible referrals 

This one is pretty straight forward, ask to speak to a customer of theirs and understand what their support is like.  

A few questions to ask is: 

  • How long do they take to respond to a ticket? 
  • How long after identifying an issue is it resolved? 
  • What’s their after hours support like?

No Lock in contracts

There is nothing like signing up with a company and realising you don’t like their level of service. 

Find a company that does not do lock in contracts!

At Incloud, we ensure that contracts are not only open & month to month. We allow our customers to cancel at any time. Our confidence in our ability to maintain clients sets us part from the rest of the IT companies. 

Proactive management Focus

What sets a good IT Company apart? PROACTIVE management, the ability to respond to requests before they happen.

There is nothing worse than having an IT company that will not provide proactive smart responsive support that will enable your business to thrive in an ever changing environment.

How do we do this?

Quite simple really, we have monitoring agents that live on your computer. When we detect an issue we’re emailed. We then call the client/customer and resolve the issue right away. 

Focus on YOUR business needs. 

We cannot stress this enough, finding the right company to suit your business needs is a must when considering a IT company.

 A few things to check are: 

  • Do they have any competitors that are in your niche? 
  • Are they certified in a particular area? Examples would be MYOB, XERO or Autocad software. 
  • Can they offer your business specialised support? By specialised support we mean the ability to support VIP staff members fast and efficiently. 

Do they fit your business?

This is staggeringly significant. Most organizations will offer a strong help, yet you need one that is appropriate for YOUR business. This implies that they may have experience working with an organization simply like yours, or they may have ability that separates them from the pack. Another significant component of this is trust. 

You will need an organization who can give you strong references and proposals on their past work, and you should believe the organization to address whatever issues your business has. For instance, a few organizations, monetary administrations being a model, have specific IT needs, while different organizations will deliver and oversee touchy information that it is basic to secure. 

Thus, the relationship with your IT supplier is a significant one, and one that must be founded on an establishment of trust. 

This is clearly not a comprehensive rundown of steps to take prior to employing an IT specialist organization, however it will demonstrate helpful on the off chance that you are reflecting upon what to search for in another IT Provider.

Conclusion – Find a business that will enable you to not worry about Your IT Support.

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